Tai Chi & Qi Gong

QI GONG CAN BE DONE BY ANYONE. No matter your age, your physical condition, your previous athletic or sporting history, or lack of it, you can learn and do Qi Gong.
QI GONG'S EFFECT ON THE BODY Even with only short regular practices, Qi Gong quickly shows definite improvements in a person’s well-being. 

​QI GONG HELPS YOU TO HAVE MORE ENERGY --- to do regular chores around the house and garden;
to be more energized at work;
​to do fun things, to take greater part in outdoor activities.
​If you are into sports Qi Gong helps to enhance your skills.

AT QI GONG COURSES YOU TAKE TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF you let your mind relax into a medititative state as you
gently flow with the movements;
you let your mind relax to soft gentle music;
you finish feeling relaxed and energized;
you meet new friends.

​ Qi Gong leads you to a longer, healthier, happier life.  We hear people often saying:

​It’s inevitable, it comes with age. I waken
up stiff. I feel tired.  I’m stressed. 
I don’t have time.

Qi Gong can help you to live longer,
healthier and with more energy.